We help G2K companies identify the technologies and startups that are critical to not only their immediate business needs but their long term survival.  

The Global 2000 (G2K) are under attack from well funded startups disrupting their long established business models. They have reacted by embracing the superficial markings of startups - such as casual dress codes, or lounges with free soda or ping pong tables; or by putting on a "Corporate Innovation Theater" which is exactly what it implies. The G2K really want to be hip to the startup scene since they realize that's where the disruptive innovation is happening! 

The irony of the situation is that the G2K have exactly what the startups want: (i) an established customer and partnership base, (ii) detailed customer needs and buying habits, and (iii) deep embedded relationships within their ecosystem which transcend any one Founder or CEO ! 

We partner with the G2K Centers of Excellence and Product Strategy teams to identify their mission-critical corporate and business challenges and the technologies and processes that address them. 

We leverage our 25 year old global network to identify and shortlist relevant technologies and startups that can benefit from a mutually beneficial relationship with them.