The foundation layer of the digital world consists of platforms, devices and environments. We focus on the business activities that take place in and around these foundations, collectively, these activities make up The Application Layer. 

The Application Layer is made up of three component layers:



The Experience Layer of applications and wearable devices views functionality through the lens of the user experience. The category includes not only social, mobile and local functionality, but enterprise technology itself as it comes under increasing pressure to meet the expectations and abilities of its users, who have formed these expectations from their experience of consumer technology leading to the “consumerization of IT.” Wearables and Hardware have been an area of focus for us since 2013.

Process layer

The Process Layer of applications automates existing complex business processes on top of existing platforms and devices, creates new processes to service emerging business needs and opportunities such as cloud technology, and creates entirely new business models by reinventing category fundamentals such as Premise Healthcare

Data layer

The Data Layer of applications makes visible and monetizable the layer of data that surrounds any observable behavior or interaction. Applications in the data layer can range from the concrete and specific, such as augmented reality cameras or glasses, to the abstract manipulation of aggregated, contextualized and analyzed meta-data.