I have been working with Maneesh on our fundraising strategies. Maneesh understands the intricacies of Venture Capital and early stage fund raising/company launch that few do - since he has been on both sides of the table and have that unique vantage view point of a Founder/VC/Banker. He can quickly dig into business challenges and industry trends to provide relevant hands-on advice.
— Shaunak Roy, Founder & CEO, Yellowdig

"Maneesh can see a piece of technology and connect it to markets adeptly, seeing both the large sell and the initial next steps clearly, and put the contacts you need in your reach. With his background in enterprise software, he is specifically great at packaging your enteprise sale. And the best part of working with him is his ability to adapt to the company's story, and come up with solutions and next steps non-stop that are a good fit for your team."

Kunal Gupta, Founder of Better Network, Co-/Founder of Silent Barn & Babycastles, Lifelong Programmer, ex-Touring Musician


“I've had the opportunity to work closely with Maneesh during Connecticut Innovation's investment in ShopText and Maneesh's role as a director at ShopText. Maneesh is extremely familiar with the challenges of early stage companies and provides tremendous help in navigating them. He is very well connected and has been able to provide valuable introductions to a wide range of potential partners. I think Maneesh's experience and connections would be a great asset to any early stage company.”

Adam Lichstein, Chief Operating Officer, ShopText, Inc.


“I've worked closely with Maneesh while he was a Board member at frevvo after CI's seed investment. Maneesh understand early-stage software companies and gets personally involved by providing direct management support in navigating through critical early challenges. Maneesh was particularly helpful to me in opening doors: he has a strong network, understood the value proposition we had to offer to potential customers and partners and was able to make introductions to strategic executives at several organizations. This directly led to us acquiring some initial customers – an invaluable asset for a startup company. Maneesh has been a great VC, a genuinely committed partner to the management team and a good friend. I'd highly recommend Maneesh and hope to work with him in the future.”

Ashish Deshpande, CEO and Founder, Frevvo, Inc.


“I have known Maneesh for over two years as an investor and a board member at Keisense. Maneesh is a well spoken, smart, energetic and dedicated professional. His entrepreneurial skills and business enthusiasm make him a valuable team player. I have found Maneesh to be a great networker, he is able to forge valuable business relationships and is excellent at recruting talented people. Its been a great experience working with him.”

Santosh Sharan, President and CEO, Keisense, Inc.


“I have been fortunate enough to engage with Maneesh on a regular basis during his Board of Director tenure with our company, Retail Optimization, Inc. (ROI). His market knowledge and business acumen has been invaluable in ensuring appropriate growth during the organization’s early years. Maneesh possesses a unique balance of passion and constraint, which has been highly beneficial as we have secured additional strategic industry partnerships. He has an innate ability to unearth key prospects, and has the industry network to identify and contact the most strategic executives within those organizations on our behalf. Maneesh’s energy and enthusiasm is inspiring, and as a result brings out the best in the colleagues, in which he interacts. He challenges; he probes; and he educates, which is a sign of a valued executive. Always, prioritizing the most strategic opportunities and tasks that an organization needs to address, his ‘six-sigma’ approach in managing challenges and opportunities has been an instrumental part of ROI’s focus during our critical time of growth. Maneesh’s knowledge across the various channels and vertical in which we sell, has been an asset transitioning from inception to an established leader in our space. His experience with organizations large and small and his ability to immediately address the diverse issues that others may not immediately recognize make Maneesh not just a great VC, but a true partner to management."

Gary Lowen, Senior VP Sales and Marketing, Retail Optimization, Inc.


“In his startup capitalist role at Connecticut Innovations, Maneesh was instrumental in facilitating the first round of VC funding in Retail Optimization, Inc. Maneesh has served on ROI's Board of Directors since then, including during the early stages of the company's growth when he provided direct management support while helping us recruit our management team, develop our product and marketing strategy and secure successive rounds of financing. His experience in the software and consulting industries was critical during this phase of our growth and his contacts and investor skills have served the company well as the company has grown and raised additional capital. Maneesh has been a source of inspiration for me and my colleagues at ROI. I highly recommend him.”

Vaughn Roller, Chairman, Retail Optimization, Inc


"On behalf of the Board of Directors and all the employees of Retail Optimization Inc., I would like to thank you for your service as a Director, Advisor, and Friend of the company for the past several years. In particular your unflagging enthusiasm for the company's prospects, and your willingness to step in on our behalf when the company was in need of continued strong support has played a major role in getting the company to where it is today. We wish you all the best as you go forward with your career. Please know you have friends at ROI, and we hope you stay in close touch and visit us often.”

Wes Bray, Chief Executive Officer, Retail Optimization, Inc.


“As the first institutional investor at NeuVis, Inc. in 1999, I worked closely with Maneesh from the inception of the company till its ultimate acquisition by IBM Rational in 2002. During this period, Maneesh held various positions in corporate and business development, enterprise sales, partnerships, and verticals development, successfully growing the company from a handful of people to over 350 employees. Based on my interactions with Maneesh at NeuVis, I made an offer to him to work for us at Connecticut Innovations as a Director of Investments. Being an entrepreneur himself, Maneesh understands the complete lifecycle of a technology company, and brings powerful insights to the table as he advises CI client companies and evaluates new investment opportunities. Moreover, his operational experience coupled with his management consulting perspective is extremely helpful to portfolio companies as they negotiate the intricacies of successfully managing rapid growth.”

Peter Longo, Managing Director of Investments, Connecticut Innovation


“I worked with Maneesh at Vendavo and recommend him highly. Maneesh has a keen understanding of the technology lifecycle, from concept and product development through marketing and presales consulting. Maneesh is able to abstract concepts and apply them effectively across industries, an ability that comes in handy as you seek to sell technology into old line companies. With his operations experience in all areas of building a company and his ability to price and sell products, Maneesh is a good VC to have on your side, team or board.”

Colin Carroll, Vice-President of Business Consulting, Vendavo, Inc.


“This is a very talented professional. Sharp, insightful and thorough, I am looking forward to working with him again in the future.”

Matthew de Ganon, Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.


“As part of the initial team at Neuvis, Inc. in 1999, I worked closely with Maneesh and other Co-Founders/ Sr. Managers in the official launch of the company. At that time, Maneesh functioned in many critical areas from negotiating financing, exploring market opportunities and assisting in many of the important and complex sales and strategic alliances opportunities. As one of the vertical market general managers, I worked with Maneesh in securing the company's initial 'Fortune' companies, all of which played an important role in the eventual sale of the company to IBM/Rational. Maneesh is brilliant. He has a high energy level and is passionate about everything he does. He is well educated, articulate and most of all trustworthy and is always respectful of everyone he encounters - a true gentleman. I look forward to one day working with him again.”

Michael Bauer, General Manager of Insurance Solutions, NeuVis, Inc.


“Maneesh is a consummate business professional who takes great pride in his work and is committed to the highest standards.”

Daniel Chester, Commercial Manager, Louis Dreyfus, Inc.