With over 30 years of active engagement in the technology sector, we specialize in transforming complex ideas into market-leading solutions.

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Since 1990, Thynk Ventures has played a pivotal role in the tech industry, focusing on early-stage high technology companies.

Our founders have launched game-changing companies, continually pushing the envelope on innovation in AI, machine learning, and digital platforms.

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Proven Track Record

We lead investments in AI, machine learning, and digital sectors, actively guiding startups from strategy to execution, with experience on boards of companies earning $100,000 to over $100 million in sales

Operational Insights

At NeuVis, co-founder Maneesh raised $80 million from major investors like Goldman Sachs, culminating in an acquisition by IBM Rational. Our experience at firms like Booz & Co and Symantec has refined our expertise in product development and strategic partnerships.

Network & Innovation

Thynk Ventures nurtures growth through a dynamic ecosystem. We connect startups with leading tech innovators and industry experts, enhancing access to crucial resources and markets.

Our Core Mission is to Connect Two Distinct but Complimentary Market Segments


Ideate, create, launch and propagate leading disruptive technologies

Global 2000s

Identify tech, strategize innovation and source 
startup deals

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Karl Mallia

Senior Advisor ESG

Nilesh Maurya

Senior Advisor ESG

Maneesh Sagar

CEO of RS Metrics

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